As an employee working for multiple employers who use CrewPlanner as a planning tool. There is no need to worry. In our application you will get a centralized overview from all your employers and their available jobs.

On the availability page you can locate, view and respond to all the available upcoming projects of every employer you work for. You can recognize which employer the job has been posted by under each shift. You will notice after the customer name will be your employers name as seen below.

CrewTip! Use the filter on this page to consult the projects of one of your Employers.

If you indicate availability via the day when you are available, this will also show all of your employers available jobs.

Are you being scheduled by two employers at the same time?

Then you will receive a notification.

It is important to know that your one employer cannot know that you are already scheduled for another employer! This is because your data from the various employers is not shared with third parties.

When you are scheduled at the same time by your employers, you must therefore take action yourself.

When selecting this notification you will be taken to the day in the calendar where you can view these shifts.

After this you must cancel one of the shifts by requesting a withdrawal or notifying one of your employees.

If you consult the report or your profile page, you will be asked for which of your employers you wish to consult this page.

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