When your employer shares a new legal document or a contract with you, you can approve this or place a digital signature in the app.

As soon as a document is shared with you, next time you open the app a pop-up will appear asking you to approve or digitally sign it. This pop-up will also contain a link to the document, so you are able to review it.

For a legal document the pop-up will look like this:

You can view the document by selecting the underlined text.

If you have any further questions about this document, please contact your employer.

To approve the document, you select the tick box.

And finally you select APPROVE.

For a contract, the pop-up looks a little different, but the principle remains the same:

In this pop-up you can view the document by selecting the pdf-symbol next to the name of the document.

Again, you select the tick box in front of the document.

Ans finally you select DIGITALLY SIGN.

This way a digital signature will be placed on the document. It will register your name, date and time, internet IP address and device serial number.

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