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On the REPORTS page you will find a general overview of all services and registered hours you have worked.

Page overview

What will you find on this page:

  1. Filter: Use the filter to make a selection of the desired period and/or of your employers (if you have a CrewPlanner profile for multiple employers).

  2. Period selection: Select the month or week you would like to export. By default, you will see a week selected here. If you prefer to export a month or a specific period, adjust the filter.

  3. Number of days worked: Here you will see the number of days worked in your selected period.

  4. Number of hours worked: Here you will see the number of hours worked in your selected period.

  5. Performance: In these fields you can see the days worked in the selected period. If you wish to view more detail like travel distance for instance, select the arrow on the right.


If you want to make an export of a specific week, month, period or of one of your employers, then use the filter to get started.

Select the funnel icon at the top left to use the filter.

In the next window you can use the following filters:

1. View: View a week, month, or a date selection of your choice. When you want to select your own date range, you will be able to set the desired period in the following two fields.

2. Customer: If you work for multiple employers via CrewPlanner, you can use this filter to select one of your employers to make an export.

When you have finished selecting your filters, select APPLY FILTERS.


To make an export of a chosen selection, go back to the filter icon. Here you will also find the option to make an export.

This export will be opened on your phone in Excel or another similar program.

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