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Consult agenda

Consult project

Confirmation of shifts or withdrawal of confirmation

Linking the agenda to your calendar


When you select AGENDA at the bottom of the menu, you get an overview of the shifts you are scheduled for that week. From this page you can also quickly consult future projects and your status. Finally, you also have the option here to link this agenda to the calendar of your email account. What this means and how to do it will be discussed in this article.

CrewTip: It is possible that the shifts in your app do not report a confirmation, this is a separate functionality that your employer can activate.

Consult Agenda

At the top of the agenda page, the week is listed. You can navigate through the weeks by selecting the arrows.

You also have the option to consult a day, you can do this by selecting the day of your choice.

Consult project

If you select the project, you will be taken to its detail page.

At the top you will see 3 tabs:

  • details

  • crew

  • documents


In DETAILS you will find all the relevant information that your employer wishes to share with you. You can also immediately start a route planner there by selecting the address.


In CREW you will find your colleagues for this job:

If your colleague has agreed to make their phone number available, you can access their phone number by selecting them and you can even call them directly by clicking on the phone number.


Finally, you have a DOCUMENTS tab. Here you will find all documents related to this project. You can also upload a document here and share it with your employer.

Confirmation of shifts or withdrawal of confirmation

If your employer wishes, he can ask via CrewPlanner if you want to confirm your shift. This is indicated by colours at the top of the agenda via dots and in the weekly overview of shifts:

There are 4 possible colours and situations:

Orange: Shift to be confirmed

Blue: Shift confirmed

Red: Withdrawal requested

Black: A day with available shifts.

Confirming a shift

You can easily confirm a shift by:

1. select the shift to be confirmed via the weekly or daily overview

2. select CONFIRM SHIFT in the top right corner

3. Your shift has been confirmed and you will be notified accordingly

If you now go back to the calendar, you will see that this shift has been given the blue colour code.

Shift confirmed

You can always consult the details of a confirmed shift by selecting it.

Request a withdrawal

You can request a withdrawal of your availability by:

  1. Select the shift via the weekly or daily view

  2. Select WITHDRAWAL at the top left

  3. Your withdrawal has been requested

CrewTip! A confirmation withdrawal is a separate functionality which your employer activates, if this is not possible via the application, please contact your employer.

The withdrawal request must be approved by a manager. Until this withdrawal is confirmed, you can still cancel the withdrawal request.

A day with available projects

A day for which you have no planning, but projects are available on which you can indicate your preference. Select SHOW AVAILABLE PROJECTS at the bottom of the calendar and this will take you to the available shifts. More about this in the article on AVAILABILITY.

Linking the agenda to your calendar

At the top of the agenda page, a calendar icon appears next to the bell or notification icon:

If you select this, a new page will open where you get the opportunity to link your CrewPlanner schedule to your email account through an iCal link.

You will also find links to the manuals of the best known email providers that can help you with this:

- Google Calendar

- / Hotmail

- iCloud Calendar

- Thunderbird

Find out more in this article.

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