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Navigating through CrewPlanner

Account and Notifications


Before you start, you must be registered with CrewPlanner through your employer. You must accept the invitation from your employer to use our application.

Navigating through CrewPlanner

When you first log in as an employee, you will be taken to the NEXT UP page.

From now on you will always find your next project here. If you are not yet scheduled for a project, simply press PROVIDE AVAILABILITY to indicate your availability on upcoming projects.

But first more about the menu below:

You use the menu to navigate through the application and for each section we will help you on your way with an extensive support article.

When you open the CrewPlanner app, you will always be taken to the NEXT UP page. Here you will find your next project and the shared information.

You probably already guessed it! If you want to view the projects which you have been scheduled for, select AGENDA.

Let your employer know on which days you are available via the AVAILABILITY page.

Via DOCUMENTS you can easily share photos or files with your employer. You will also find all the documents that your employer has shared with you here.

On the page REPORT you will find a general overview of all services and registered hours that you have performed.

Account and Notifications

At the top right you also have the option to consult notifications and your account.

The bell icon will share notifications with you that relate to your schedule. When you select the bell you will immediately be taken to a page where you will find notifications. Below is an example of a notification asking you to confirm the shift. Selecting this will immediately take you to the project details of your new shift and here you can confirm the shift.

To consult your data, select the photo icon, followed by ACCOUNT.

Here you will also find our helpfunction and you have the option to log out of the app.

When you select HELP, our Crew Academy will open for you, where you will find all our help articles, and, in case they did not provide the answer, where you can contact us through the CrewBot.

Hopefully, after this explanation you will feel a bit at home in CrewPlanner. Be sure to read the help articles on:

Next up







We hope to guide you in this way, so that you feel comfortable getting started with the application. We wish you lots of job satisfaction!

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