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Filter shared documents

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On the page DOCUMENTS you will find a general overview of all documents that you have received or uploaded to your account. You can navigate to this page by selecting DOCS on the bottom right.

Filter shared documents

You have the option to filter all the shared documents so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. You do this by selecting the funnel icon at the top left.

A pop-up will appear where you can select the parameters to filter by.

Which filters are available to you:

Set date range:

As soon as you select one of the date fields, you will see a pop-up where you can set the date range.

Document Type:

When selecting this field, a list of all document types will display which could be shared with you, or the documents that you have already uploaded to CrewPlanner yourself.

You simply select what applies.


The field departments is only visible to you if your employer uses this functionality in CrewPlanner.

The filter highlights the documents shared with you at the department level.

Once you have entered all the required parameters, all you have to do is select SEARCH DOCS.

All documents which meet your criteria will be displayed. You can always see your selected parameters at the top under the funnel icon.

Each document or file will display the date and time it was uploaded and by whom.

The parameters of your filters will be retained until you visit another page or until you manually reset the filters.

Upload documents

To upload a document or file, press UPLOAD A DOCUMENT.

Your device will probably first ask for permission to use the camera and access your files. This is a necessary step to share documents through our application.

You will first be asked what type of document you wish to upload: Eg. photo.

You can choose to take a photo and share it, or to upload an existing photo.

When you select the photo, it will be added to documents and shared with your employer. The document which was last shared will always top the list. ­čĺ¬

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